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Hey, guys! How is your time going? Photo editing is an art and an appropriate photo will help you to represent your eCommerce product accurately. If you are running an eCommerce business then appropriate photo editing is a must issue. Today we will talk about a mostly used eCommerce photo editing service and it is remove background from image service.

We from Background Remover India do all types of background remover service for any kind of products or party images. Our price range is starting from $0.3 and we believe it is the cheapest rate in the market. At the same time, we can assure you that our team will never compromise the image quality.

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Classification of Background Remover service

If we take a close look at the topic we may have found some sort of classifications there. Through this process, we try to help all sorts of businesses who need photo editing services.

Basic shaped image

It is the very first attempt of our image editing service. We will remove background from image as per the company requirements. Initially, the company owner hires a professional photographer to make the photo-shoot of his product after that it needs customization or editing. Very simple sized objects are defined as a simple shaped image like the plastic bottle, simple jar, umbrella, bag and so many. Here paths a relatively simple than others.

Simple Shaped Image

A Photoshop service that contains less than 6 anchor points is called a simple shaped image. Here the price is relatively lower than others. It consumed less time than others. Simple shaped images are the most used daily utilities like mobile phones, tab, simple gadgets and so many. Big eCommerce entrepreneurs like to display their products in a new fashion so they will go for online marketing.

In this sense photo editing, color temperature control and appropriate background with the company logo is necessary.  We do simple shaped image editing for $0.3. It is reasonable than any other company. Check out our background remover sample files.

background removal from image

Background Removal from image

Medium Shaped Images

It takes a lot of time than others and the price is relatively high. Every year we receive a huge number of orders for editing medium shaped images. Here price range is starting from $0.6.We can process 1000 of medium shaped objects background removal in a single day. Medium shaped objects could be group foods, parts of a motorbike, bracelets, group shoes, group watches, rings, computer accessories and so many. Sometimes we could consider medical equipment as a medium shaped image and a charge will be almost the same.

Complex shaped Images

It takes more to complete the editing process. Here price range is starting from $1.5 and it could be more depending on the different images. Naturally, the jewelry images are considered as complex shaped images. The big eCommerce entrepreneurs like to drive more traffic on their site as a result girls’ items are their favorite ones. Jewelry images need to be looked extremely gorgeous and eye-catching. The site owners don’t want to lose a potential customer for his site. So it needs high editing. In this scenario, our expert image editing team will help you a lot. They can solve your complex images within a very short time.

Unwanted background eraser

It is really necessary for any online business to showcase your product in the right way. For an eCommerce business owner, it is extremely important to attract targeted buyers. After photo-shooting you may have seen that there is some unwanted background in the frame which is irrelevant or not necessary to showcase towards the customer. Even there might be some problem with the light. So, in this case, you may need the help of a professional image editing company to solve these issues. We can promise that our team will help you to make the images exact and perfect.

Our special criteria’s are

  1. On-time delivery
  2. Comparatively lower price
  3. 24/7 online support
  4. Further image revision
  5. High-quality image editing within your budget.

So what you are thinking? Do you need a professional high-quality background remover service? Visit our official site and place your order. You can test a free trial also! Good luck!!

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