A Pearl in a Mud

Banished from their father’s village, Paintil and his siblings went through unbearable challenges but finally find favour from God. A farmer also finds Paintil’s sisters in deep forest and brings them to a new town where he clothed, fed and sheltered them. Paintil received good support from his sponsors and obtained good education in plant medicine outside Ghana. Meanwhile, his father’s village was swept away by a terrible strange disease.

Paintil excelled as a specialist in Leukemia, elephantiasis, and malaria. The government then appointed him to go back to his hometown in order to save his own people but his past prevented him to save the people of Oguaman town from terrible diseases. Will you judge Paintil to be a wicked person or he is justified for abandoning his own people because of the treatment he was given? Whatever you sow in life, you reap it.

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