Their gods Betrayed Them

Dzinpa was a well known god noted for good and bad deeds. The people of Sowaa Community loved him for good rains and curing of diseases anytime they needed his help, however, they also believed him for punishing people when they went wrong and did other evils. The people of Sowaa Community had so much confidence and trust in him that God was nothing to them. One thing that Dzinpa mostly demanded before answering any request was the blood of a thousand (1000) ants, five creates of egg and two bottles of alcoholic drink.

A disease struck the people of Sowaa Community such that the disease was not only killing them but also disfiguring them. The chief of the town announced the greatest sacrifice that their god wanted but no one was ready to offer such a sacrifice. It was ten heads of male adults and the fetus of five pregnant women.

The chief and elders found means to get these sacrifices but their situation became worse. Not knowing the solution to the problem was not about their god, but their main source of water was polluted and that, treating the water before using it was the answer. What happened when they realized their god was just an artifact without strength and power? An amazing story with thrilling events. Enjoy it.

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