Hidden Under Cover

Dr Kenneth Woode woke up one Saturday morning and realized that his compound had been besieged with a combined force of the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and Ghana Police Service.

Surprised at this development, and for no apparent reason runs away through the back door to avoid any torture and torment by the security men. A night before that morning, reports had been broadcasted throughout radio and television stations that an Accra based business woman whom Dr. Kenneth Woode was said to have quarreled with had been murdered. He was absolutely innocent but within him he knew he had committed another offence which no one knew off. Running away from the national security to him was the best option.

After some intense investigations, the security men discovered that Rose Amanda had been murdered by a top official of the BNI. UNFORUNATELY FOR Kenneth Woode, the police in the cause of their investigations discovered where he had hidden the dead body of his girlfriend about six (6) years ago. Will the BNI jail their boss and how will Kenneth Woode be arrested since he was nowhere to be found? Indeed, no sin hides forever, whatever is hidden would one day show up. So be careful with your life. A sad but interesting revelation in this favorite story of mine.

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