We are so happy that you have taken a good decision to participate in APG quarterly courses. It is a good decision and be assured that you are certainly going to benefit from the course that you have chosen to pursue at APG. These short courses are designed to equip you and make you more competent in your chosen career. Your active participation in the course you have chosen is key to making you excel. As a participant of APG quarterly programme, we strictly advise that you constantly practice what you are taught as that would help enhance your knowledge and capacity to excel. Once again, we welcome you to our programmes.


Academic Plus, Ghana acronym APG, is a unique institution that ensures human resource capacity building and mentoring and skills development through various short courses and programmes.  The aim is to equip participants of our programmes to perform in their various field of study in order for them to be competent and productive.

All courses are in three different categories with various modules. The categories include the theoretical aspect, practical aspects and take home assignments. As part of the requirements to obtain APG certificate, participants of our programmes are made to write a long essay at the end of each session of their programme. This enables the participants to evaluate their own performance and ability to deliver in their area of study. The various modules mostly depend on the particular course being offered.


Our vision is togrow the competence and capacities of people to enable them perform in their various field of study.


Our mission is to create opportunities for people to develop their career through various courses and grow competences and skills with the state of the art facility and quality teaching methodology.


APG: Excellence is our hallmark


Certification of APG courses are issued through the academic board of APG and supported by the National Accreditation Board. Having APG certification enables you to further your career in any formal tertiary institution locally and abroad. 

APG certificate holders are mostly the choice of organisations both locally and internationally as it is recognized by various boards and agencies because of the quality of its course content. APG certificate holders are competent and knowledgeable with the required skills to excel in any capacity they find themselves.

APG participants are trained to perform, goal achievers, distinguished, team players, good communicators, excellent, good leaders and mentors.


Excellence, innovations and performance.


We believe that excellence can be achieved through discipline and knowledge acquisition with a high sense of initiatives, leadership competences, commitment to task and goal oriented mentality.


Code Course Duration Fee
APC Communication Studies 8days GH¢ 700
APCP Competency and Performance Studies 8 days GH¢ 650
APCSM Customer Service Management 8 days GH¢ 650
APCTS Critical Thinking Studies 8 days GH¢ 500
APE Entrepreneurship 12 days GH¢ 700
APFM Financial Management 8 Days GH¢ 800
APSGD Specialized Graphic Designing 14 days GH¢ 500
APHR Human Resource Management 12 days GH¢ 700
APL Fundamentals of Law 16 days GH¢ 800
APMM Marketing and Sales Management 10 days GH¢ 700
APMS Mentoring and Motivational Studies 8 days GH¢ 500
APP Photography 12 days GH¢ 550
APPR Public Relations 8 days GH¢ 550
APRM Research Methodology 12 days GH¢ 750
APVE Video Editing 12 days GH¢ 600
APOMS Office Management and Supervision 12days GH¢650
APWT Writing Techniques 8 days GH¢ 600


The quarterly programmes of APG are designed for managers, officers in HR, marketing, operations, projects, engineering, supervision and administration. The programmes are also good for doctors, medical officers or specialists, nurses, entrepreneurs, pastors, musicians and new graduates. Also are teachers, proprietors and proprietresses, caterers, SME operators, farmers, electricians, movie producers, publishers, journalists, writers and drivers. The courses are highly recommended for people with the aim of enhancing their skills and knowledge.



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