We are highly pleased and proud for you to be part of what is now one of the most successful initiatives that seeks to unearth the academic potentials of students.

As a CENFAX member, mentor or advisor, your efforts in CENFAX will indeed help make a difference in individuals, communities, countries and the world at large.

After reading this handbook, we hope that your decision to be part of our vision as a member or mentor or advisor will be highly appreciated.

Thank you and May GOD bless you.


Center for Academic Excellence acronym, CENFAX is a unique non- governmental organization (ngo) that strategically links students from all walks of life. CENFAX encourages and ensures the personal and professional development of students through the creation and exchange of new academic research, the dissemination of excellent academic ideas and practices, the teaching of students how to succeed and an excellent level of communication between students and successful people.


Helping students achieve a higher academic excellence


To provide students the best opportunity to make a difference by developing a better leadership, communication and teamwork skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of an excellent academic research and practices.

The major ingredient here is that CENFAX teaches students how to practice and excel academically by virtue of the knowledge they have acquired in school. Students who have CENFAX credentials have leadership, communication, teamwork and networking skills and really understand academic excellence.


CENFAX: Products of excellence.


We believe that academic excellence can be achieved through discipline and the practicing of academic theories hence, improving upon the life of the person. CENFAX’s mission is being achieved by forming CENFAX teams in schools and teaching them how to excel academically.

CENFAX also conducts examinations to test the knowledge and intelligence of students. This enables the students to identify their weaknesses and strengths.

Again, CENFAX organizes academic competitions and other educative programs among CENFAX teams. Successful students are motivated with educative materials and are mentored to become better people in the society.

CENFAX also award scholarships and other bursaries to needy students who have generally excelled in an academic field to enable them pursue higher education.

We again promote academic developments in under developed academic institutions.

Lastly, create jobs and opportunities for tertiary students through entrepreneurship education.


By virtue of our vision and objectives, CENFAX members will:

  1. Excel academically and acquire the needed skills to achieve their dreams.
  2. Develop leadership, communication and team work skills.
  3. Become better people in the society.


  1. Quarterly examination for all members to enable students identifies their strengths and weakness, thereby improving upon their performance.
  2. Organization of educative programs like debates, quizzes, excursions/field trips, games etc.
  3. Giving prices and awards to members who excel in CENFAX examinations.
  4. Mailing of exams questions from West African Examination Council (WAEC) to members through the internet.
  5. Organization of seminars/conferences/workshops for members to educate them on government policies and programs and other contemporary issues.
  6. Updating parents on CENFAX activities through quarterly meetings.


We hope to produce over five million productive citizens of Ghana in particular and the world at large by the year 2020.

NB: After filing the CENFAX MEMBERSHP FORM, please return the form with membership fee of GH¢10.00.

The GH¢10.00 cater for:

  1. Processing of membership form
  2. ID Card
  3. CENFAX folder



Address:         P.O. Box OD 784, Odorkor – Accra

Mobile No:     0244147307/0267095537/0237103046/0505369394

Office:            0302337451



Location:        Mataheko – Accra