1. FAMILY Library System (FLS)

The FLS is a mobile library services. It allows individuals especially students to access variety of books for their reading. It is a home or office delivery service for subscribers and provides opportunities to access all forms of books. It’s affordable and cheaper than buying books from the open markets.

  • School Library System (SLS)

The SLS allows schools to establish libraries for their school stock their library for their students and also develop strong data base for their schools. The system allows schools to buy books on credit to stock their libraries for their students. It is affordable and very unique.

  • Company Library System (CLS)

The CLS is a unique service for corporate organizations. It allows corporate institutions to develop a solid library for their staffs such that staffs can read and study on their jobs to acquire more knowledge for their performance. It is also affordable and reliable in terms of accessing information.

  • Research Works

BenMulti has a research department that embarks on research works for individuals and corporate institutions. These are either academic research our marketing research. The research department has over the past ten years conducted several researches in the area of leadership, management, marketing, accountancy, law, science, technology and many others. Research works are embarked upon based on the specifications of the customer.

  • Legal Services

The legal department of BenMulti also embarks on legal services for both existing and prospective customers. The following are some of the legal services which are offered including, debt collection, legal documentations, contracts documentation, procurement bills, legal advisory services and general consultancies.

  • Book Exhibition In Schools (BES)

Another service that is offered for students basically is book exhibition in schools to allow students to patronize products of BenMulti. Products sold at exhibitions are mostly cheaper than products sold on the open market.

  • Desktop Publishing (DP)

The publication department of BenMulti also does desktop publishing including complimentary cards, obituaries, brochures, calendars, screen printing, banners, invitation and wedding cards etc. It mostly collaborates with individuals and corporate institutions to develop their brands with uniqueness. The department also edits, page set, bind and publish books.

  • Event Management (EM)

The programmes and project department is responsible for event management. BenMulti organizes event such as workshops, seminars, fares etc. Customers who have limited financial resources can use this service to organize their programmes and pay for the service in installments.